School of Strength

School of Strength

The School of Strength curriculum has been designed from the ground up using a combination of modern research and age-old, time-tested strategies. Whether your goals are fitness or performance related, the strength instructors at MOVE will get you results. Our skills-based group courses offer a fun and challenging way to develop technique, while one-on-one sessions offer more intensive and individualized instruction to develop and refine your skills.

The School of Strength curriculum consists of four courses. Each of the courses build on one another and incorporate skills instruction and refinement, while ending with a practice session that incorporates all taught skills. Courses are offered on a first-come basis and require advanced registration.

For those who wish to further develop and refine their technique, one-on-one instruction offers both 30 and 60 minute sessions which are entirely individualized according to the student’s goals, needs and abilities.

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One-on-One Instruction

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Like any truly powerful skill, understanding fundamentals will yield significantly greater results. Kettlebell Essentials is a 2-hour hands-on introduction to the world of Kettlebell training. This course is strongly recommended to any individual that would like to experience the power of Kettlebells and has not been formally trained by an SFG instructor. This course emphasizes technique and environmental safety while training with Kettlebells and is mandatory for those who wish to participate in ongoing Kettlebell classes at MOVE.

Coverage will include:

  • The most POWERFUL human position – the bottom of the Deadlift
  • Achieving maximal tension for maximal stability and stoking the Calorie-inferno
  • Shoulder-packing for an upper-body that will never fail you
  • An introduction into the ONE exercise for bullet-proof shoulders: the Turkish Get-up
  • Begin your journey into the “gateway” movement: The Russian Kettlebell swing

Following this course, students can expect to:

  • Have a working understanding of the most effective and safe principles of using Kettlebells
  • Achieve entry-level proficiency in the Deadlift, Swing and Turkish Get-up
  • Understand the differences and benefits of ‘training’ versus ‘working out’
  • Be prepared to take their training to the next level with the Kettlebell Expansion course at MOVE

This is an entry-level course, but will be physically demanding. Participants should be aware of any and all physical limitations prior to participation.

The course will be approximately 2-hours and will take place at MOVE Physical Therapy in Monroe, NY. Registration is non-refundable and is subject to availability.

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Saturday, June 6th



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The Expansion course builds on the Essentials skills of the Swing and Turkish Get-Up (TGU).

The Expansion curriculum:

Minimal but effective warm-up strategies

Refine and load your Turkish Get-Up, building shoulder strength and stability, while improving trunk and hip mobility

Increase your strength and overall conditioning with the Heavy two-handed Swing

Become prepared to begin Kettlebell Complexes by learning One-handed Swings and Mid-Swing hand switches

Take your swing to the next level with the Double-Kettlebell swing

This course will be more physically challenging than the Essentials course and will set the stage for the skills taught in the Evolution course.

The course will be approximately 2-hours and will take place at MOVE Physical Therapy in Monroe, NY. Registration is non-refundable and is subject to availability.

Next Expansion Course:

To Be Announced

One-on-One Kettlebell Instruction

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New Student Packet

1 Hour Instructional Session: $75

MOVE’s 1 hour sessions are suitable for beginners as well as the advanced kettlebell enthusiast. Sessions range from learning and developing kettlebell skills to further refining and mastering techniques under the guidance of a StrongFirst instructor. 1 hour sessions are also great for those wishing to incorporate nutritional support in their training regimen.

Upon intake, you will work with your instructor on how to best utilize the hour to meet your specific goals.

Training can include combinations of the following based on your needs:

Individualized structured warm up including techniques to get your body prepared.

Skill-work to introduce and become competent in kettlebell techniques.

Technique refinement to help work towards mastering a specific skill.

Practice sessions which include intense strength building/fat burning combinations using your KB skills. (roughly 20-30 minutes in length).

Nutritional counseling to learn dietary changes and receive feedback/support to help you reach your physical fitness goals.

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30 Minute Guided Practice: $40

MOVE’s 30 minute training session is great for those who have a strong foundation of the kettlebell techniques and wish to practice skills and complexes under the guidance of a StrongFirst instructor. 30 minute training consists of a 5 minute intro to your session, a 20 minute intense practice skills session designed by your StrongFirst instructor based on your skills level and personal goals, and a 5 minute cool-down and wrap up discussion with your instructor. You will arrive 10-15 minutes early to perform an unsupervised warm-up.

After learning proper kettlebell technique and nutrition habits, it is possible to reach strength and conditioning goals with two 30 minute practice sessions per week. These sessions are great for strength building, conditioning, fat loss and more!

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Package Deals

One-on-One Intro: $140 ($150 value)

Everyone must complete the Kettlebell Essentials coursework prior to beginning their training at MOVE. This 2-hour package works well for those clients who prefer to work on an individual basis rather than participating in an Essentials group-class.


– 15 minute intake to discuss and develop health and fitness goals

– One-on-one training covering all information and skills from MOVE’s Kettlebell Essentials course

– 30 minutes of nutritional assessment and counseling to assist in achieving personal goals

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Full Instruction Package: $525 ($600 value)

This package works great for anyone with a primary goal of strength development and/or technique refinement – from the novice student to those preparing for their StrongFirst certification.


– 8 one-on-one 1 hour instructional sessions

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Combo Package: $395 ($460 value)

Achieve your complete fitness goals while refining your skills in just two sessions per week!

Each week will consist of one instructional session and one 30 minute practice session.


– 4 one-on-one 1 hour instructional sessions

– 4 one-on-one 30 minute practice sessions

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Quickie Package: $275 ($320 value)

This package is perfect for more advanced kettlebell users who are short on time and wish to focus on strength/conditioning or weight loss goals in only 2 quick but efficient practice sessions per week.


– 8 one-on-one 30 minute practice sessions

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Need an individualized package?

MOVE will work with you to develop a package that meets your fitness, nutrition and financial needs.

Want to work towards your StrongFirst Giyra certification?

Let MOVE help you get there! Individualized technique refinement can help prepare you to successfully complete and pass your SFG Level I Certification. Ask us for more details!

Our Instructors

What does it take to become one of our Kettlebell instructors?

MOVE’s Kettlebell Instructors are required to maintain their SFG Kettlebell Certification through StrongFirst, giving them not only the knowledge of kettlebells, but principles of strength. StrongFirst Instructors must exhibit an extremely high-standard in both strength and technical precision to obtain their SFG and must re-certify every two years to ensure their knowledge and skill remains the highest in the industry.

By employing SFG Instructors in our School of Strength, MOVE makes sure that their students receive the most comprehensive and effective instruction in kettlebell technique.

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