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At Move Physical Therapy, we strive to offer high-quality care for a variety of conditions. We take pride in not only resolving pain, but also addressing what contributing factors caused it. While most Physical Therapists have goals of restoring patients to their previous level of function, we aim much higher. By assessing and treating the contributing factors to a condition, we can not only restore function, but enhance it and prevent future problems.

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Sports PT

At Move Physical Therapy, we were born from the fitness and performance industry. Whether our athletes are looking for a performance edge, are post-operative or anything between we consistently turn out stronger, tougher and more agile players. The common denominator in every sport is movement. It can separate the good from the great – and the injured from the resilient. An inability to efficiently move means a missed tackle, a slower pitch and a smaller deadlift. Let us assess your inefficiencies…the gains in your performance are waiting.

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Radial Pulse Therapy

Radial Pulse Therapy (RSWT) is a newly FDA-approved treatment technique. It uses Shockwaves to mobilize the soft tissues of the body to achieve effects that are difficult or impossible to achieve by hand. We can achieve more in a single RSWT treatment than 4-8 manual therapy sessions in some cases! This means better, faster results!

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Pelvic & Abdominal PT

Abdominal and pelvic conditions require special intervention. At Move, we have clinicians who have undergone advanced training in manually treating the components of the pelvis and abdomen through an external approach. In addition to the muscular and bony structures, we regularly assess and treat mobility dysfunctions of various organs.

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School of Strength

The School of Strength curriculum has been designed from the ground up using a combination of modern research and age-old, time-tested strategies. Whether your goals are fitness or performance related, the strength instructors at MOVE will get you results. Our skills-based group courses offer a fun and challenging way to develop technique, while one-on-one sessions offer more intensive and individualized instruction to develop and refine your skills.

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Nutritional Therapy

MOVE is excited to team up with Nourish Your Mind to provide our community with the most comprehensive, supportive and informative nutritional therapy services to help you discover your true potential. Nutritional Therapy is a form of both preventative and restorative healthcare which allows us to identify the root cause of ailments. By identifying root causes, rather than just “fixing” symptoms, we can work towards restoring the body to an optimal state of functioning.

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